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For Owners

Construction Management and Consulting Services – Structure Midwest leadership has the experience necessary to perform all of the necessary market analysis, entitlements, pre-construction functions, and permitting assistance alongside the owner for a set percentage of the total project cost. Post permitting Structure Midwest will then oversee the construction, assist in the hiring of subcontractors, or on larger projects, assist in the selection of the appropriate general contractor. This service is for the owner with limited on-site construction experience that would like an independent third party to protect their interests throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Design/Build Construction – Structure Midwest leadership has established outstanding relationships with several design and engineering professionals throughout the years.  These relationships give us the opportunity to deliver your project on a design/build basis in that you the owner manages only one contract with a single point of responsibility as we hire the Architect and Engineers. We and the Architect work together from the beginning, as a team, providing unified project recommendations to fit your schedule and budget. Any changes are addressed by the entire team, leading to collaborative problem-solving and innovation, not excuses or blame-shifting. This service is for the owner that wants to simplify the project design phase to ensure that they can afford to build the first set of drawings that is produced without having to waste time value engineering on the back-end.  This project delivery method also leverages Structure Midwest’s knowledge bank in regards to constructability and the most cost-effective materials and practices available today.

General Contracting – Structure Midwest will competitively bid or negotiate your fully designed/permitted project and is willing to enter into any of the following contract types:

  • Lump Sum:  We will quote you a single price for the entire project based on the plans, specifications, and site conditions.  This contract type may have higher profit rates included but you will know exactly how much the job will cost, prior to breaking ground, and Structure Midwest is completely responsible for cost overruns.
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price with Shared Savings: with a lower profit rate included, we quote a single price to complete the project but will also jointly manage a buy-out and contingency fund with you and any remaining dollars are split equitably among the parties.
  • Cost-Plus/Open-Book: Including the lowest profit rate, Structure Midwest will give you a good idea of what your project will cost up front and then build it with all records and costs available for your review at any time.  Once the project is complete a predetermined mark-up will be applied to all costs and paid as the fee.  This method may be the most cost-effective delivery for your job.